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The Candle Theater

Till the advent of electricity, The European stage glowed with the soft hues of candles and oil lamps. The plays were mostly staged in restaurants for the elite and the nobles. The concept of front curtain was unheard of and set and costume changes were done on stage itself. In Mozart Salieri you will find that we have skillfully used artificial lights to enhance the effect of the candle on the proscenium stage while the original concept of candle theater, its lighting , stage setting , science and costume changes etc have been strictly adhered to. Thus we intend to take you back in time to the Eighteenth century not just to view a story set in that period but also to experience the period as the audience too.

Based on

Peter Schaffer’s Play “Amadeus”
& Alexander Purshkin’s “ Little Tragedy”

Mozart Saliery

When envy drives you into the dark recesses on insane jealousy there will be helpless victims of that extreme hatred but eh biggest victim is you yourself!! Mozart Salieri an attempt to took at the struggles of soul striving for goodness, giving in to heated and suffering from the gut wrenching pain of it all. This is the story of a man who adored his rival’s music as divine but hated the persona of the man and carried way in a righteous indignation that takes him away from even god, sets out to destroy his rival only ending up completely broken himself.

Appointed as the court composer to the Viennese court of Emperor Joseph II in the 1780s , Antonio Salieri was the happiest man on earth; passionate about his music and steadfast in his devotion to God

Till he Came .......... Mozart

Mozart took the world of music in Vienna by storm exhibiting a purity and genius in his compositions which evoked intense admiration in Salieri. As much as Mozart’s music was enchanting , novel , unique and creative that much as his persina boorish, immature , cress and arrogant that salieri’s envy turned in to hatred of the man and an anger against God at giving such an unworthy man the sheer genius of Music. Turing away from God and all the goodness with in him Salieri sets out to destroy Mozart. Deluded by his own anger and jealousy corroding him . Salieri believes that Mozart’s talent was a diabolical plan by God to Highlight Salieri’s mediocrity. To triumph over this conspiracy by God manifested thru His favorite Mozart, Salieri schemes to find a way where eternal victory would be His!!

Mozart Salieri
..... a saga of talent . jealousy and feud

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